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Making Metro Manila your home means the presence of pollution will be a normal part of your everyday lives. You’ll also be exposed to sights and sounds in the city that won’t inspire you and might leave you disgusted. One of the brightest exceptions out there is when you make Avant at the Fort your permanent residence. With its emphasis on sustainable green living, you’re sure to have much better living conditions at home.

Everywhere you turn to, you’ll definitely see Mother Nature’s influence here in Avant at the Fort. For instance, there’s a landscaped swimming pool residents can use any day of the week. Rather than spend a considerable amount of time on the road to reach a beach resort, you can head on over to this pool to have the vacation experience you’ve been yearning for. To top it all off, there are landscaped gardens and koi ponds in the ground floor that will transport you to a different world when you step inside this residential development.

Having a healthy lifestyle is very achievable here in Avant at the Fort. You can use a fitness gym found inside the premises of this residential development to your advantage. This amenity contains various exercise machines and equipment to help you lose weight and have the body you’ve always wanted. And with the constant presence of fresh air around your surroundings, you’ll have no problem having a healthier body in your stay here.

Stepping inside Avant at the Fort and your unit here will be a pleasant surprise. You’ll be greeted by a luxurious lobby lounge that makes you feel you’re living in a five-star hotel. You can be in your own place instantly due to the usage of three high-speed elevators to transport you. At the same time, each unit in this residential development will have a high ceiling height of 9.5 feet to afford you with a lot of room for your domestic lifestyle. Last, but not the least, you’ll also have a stunning view of the Makati and Ortigas Skyline that will make your days a lot grander.

Even though most of the metro is filled with harmful elements, you can be sure your home in Avant at the Fort will have none of these things. With its emphasis on green living and various amenities, your life at home will be certainly upgraded to a level you have never experienced before.


  • Green is everywhere
  • Center of the metro
  • Offers breathtaking views of Makati and Ortigas Skylines and Manila City Golf.
  • Landscaped pool and garden and koi pond at the ground floor
  • Fully-equipped fitness gym at the second floor
  • Three high-speed elevators
  • Four levels of basement parking
  • Floor to ceiling height of units will be 2.9 meters (approx. 9.5 feet)
  • High-ceiling lobby
  • The Lobby Lounge
  • Concierge Services
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